CHILD 1:   SARWAR – Age 20 years – Class 10.
CHILD 2:   NISAR – Age 19 years – Worker
CHILD 3:   MUHAMMAD UMAR – Age 18 years – Class 8
CHILD 4:   SUMAIRA (BLIND) – Age 15 years  – disable
CHILD 5:   FAHMEEDA – Age 14 years – Class 6
CHILD 6:    ABDUL MAJEED – Age 12 years –  Class 2
CHILD 7:   GHULAM ABBAS (BLIND) – Age 10 years – disable
CHILD 8:   IBRAHIM – Age 5 years – disable
CHILD 9:   ASMA – Age 5 years – Montessori

My name is Imam Zadi. My husband was my first cousin. We have a family where we intermarry only. Raheem Bux died on 03rd March 2019 after a long illness of Hepatitis. I have nine children. Three of the kids were going to school but they dropped out of TCF when their father got sick. Ruhamaa Trust helped me and arranged for the admission of five of my children.

My eldest son is Sarwer. He stopped studying and started work as a glass fitter. But now with RT support he has joined school again and is studying in class 9th. He is also doing a computer course.

Second, to him is Nisar, he had to leave his studies in order to provide for our family. He had completed his studies till grade 7 and since his father’s death, he is learning aluminum work. He is on a daily wage of Rs. 300/day. Next is Omer, who is in class 8th. Then comes Sumera who is 14 years of age and is blind since her birth. Fahmeeda was admitted in class 2 through RT. She did very well and has been promoted to class 5. Ghulam Abbass – 10 years old. Goes to Madrassah only as he is also blind by birth. Abdul Majeed has joined the school this year in class 2 through Ruhamaa Trust. Asma and M. Ibrahim are twins. They both got sick as babies. Asma recovered but Ibrahim became paralyzed. Asma has joined her other sibling at Al Haq Foundation in Montessori.

Ruhamaa Trust enabled me to send my children to school. Otherwise, they would have stayed illiterate. Now they will become productive members of my family and our society.