What we do

Helping the orphans and widows is the heart and soul of Ruhamaa Trust; and that too in the less privileged areas of the city. The area of operation is primarily in Karachi and then pan Pakistan at a more developed stage. A family falls under the orphan category if the father of the children has passed away and any one child of this unit is under the age of 15. The main objective of the Trust is to act as a liaison between orphan families and fulfill their needs through the existing network of leading NGOs that are specialists in their area of expertise. Ruhamaa creates a bridge between the eligible beneficiaries and the appropriate NGO according to the need assessment results. The project addresses all the basic requirements of this orphan family. These needs are assessed after detailed interviewing of the orphan family and are diverse in nature. They may be linked to food, health, education, vocational training, and livelihood. The idea is to assist an orphan family in any which way that
helps in elevating the livelihood of this family.


A society where orphans thrive with dignity


  • To identify & empower orphans & widows – our beneficiaries
  • To act as a bridge with other welfare organizations working in impoverished communities
  • To provide general welfare to the beneficiaries to bring about sustainable improvement in their lives
  • To enable the beneficiaries to become productive members of the society